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Bayesian phylogeny of MERS-CoV full genomes using a GTR+G+I nucleotide substitution model and 2,000,000 generations sampled every 100 steps. Trees were annotated using a burn-in of 25%.

Red: Sequence from an Neoromicia bat sampled in South Africa
(Corman et al., JVI 2014)

Cyan blue: Sequence from a patient infected after contact with a local camel herd in Jeddah (Memish et al., Emerg Inf Dis 2014).

Underlined ID: Sequence from Jeddah, April 2014:
Link to related sequences from KSA, April 2014:

C7149 sampled on 3. April in hospital A
C7569 sampled on 5. April in hospital B
C7770 sampled on 7. April in hospital A
C8826 sampled on 12. April  in hospital A
C9055 sampled on 14. April in hospital C
Sequence from Makkah: C9355 sampled on 15. April